Automatic pearl setting machine with high efficiency and save cost

Introduction of automatic pearl setting machine :

This automatic pearl setting machine through the four claw nails make pearls immediately fixed into the material. At the same time move the material accordingly by hand after the red light locate, then the machine will fix pearls on the material quickly.

Function of automatic pearl setting machine:

This pearl setting machine can be used for women clothes, underwear, children wear, T-shirt, embroidery patterns, belts, handbags, gloves, scarves, hats etc.

The material can be Denim, Cotton, Jeans, Hemp fabric, Woolen, Synthetic Fiber, Silk, Knitwear, Synthetic Leather, Velvet and so on.

Features of automatic pearl setting machine:

1.High speed:Over 400 pearls per minute so as to increase production efficiency substantially;

2.Low air consumption: Only 50% air content is consumed compared with same product manufactured by averages so as to save electricity by 40%;

3.Low defect rate: originally imported cylinder and chips ensure high quality;

4.The Computer board is made of industrial chip PIC, and the performance is stable.

5.The four Claw nail is equipped with a vibrating disc to control the nail working

6.With 5 different sizes of punching needles,With 5 different modelof Mould,Apply to more than five types Pearl

7.Adopt high-precision nail structure, reducing the number of nail clips.

8.Adopt the rotating Pearl bucket, change beads more convenient.

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