Automatic pearl setting machine with high efficiency and save cost

Introduction of automatic pearl setting machine : This automatic pearl setting machine through the four claw nails make pearls immediately fixed into the material. At the same time move the material accordingly by hand after the red light locate, then the machine will fix pearls on the material quickly. Function of automatic pearl setting machine: This pearl setting machine can be used for women clothes, underwear, children wear, T-shirt, embroidery patterns, belts, handbags, gloves, scarves, hats etc. The material can be Denim, Cotton, Jeans, [...]

Hot fix rhinestone machine

Hot fix rhinestone setting machine is commonly used in garment processing equipment, can effectively improve the garment processing speed, save time, but the hot drill in the use of a lot of things must be noted that if you pay attention to these, you can make your work efficiency, The failure rate of the machine is reduced and the service life can be extended. First of all, the daily maintenance of hot fix machine, usually should always be pneumatic to the original oil, because [...]

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