Hot fix rhinestone machine

Hot fix rhinestone setting machine is commonly used in garment processing equipment, can
effectively improve the garment processing speed, save time, but the hot drill in the use of
a lot of things must be noted that if you pay attention to these, you can make your work
efficiency, The failure rate of the machine is reduced and the service life can be extended.
First of all, the daily maintenance of hot fix machine, usually should always be pneumatic
to the original oil, because the process reasons, many people work when the oil mist is
often turned off, if the cylinder valve and other high-speed dry pull, life will be greatly
reduced The Often to the mechanical movement of the machine parts lubrication and cleaning,
because the textile industry, the working environment is often relatively large dust, oil is
often easy to stick to the dust, so that the lubrication effect decreased wear.
Hot drilling machine
Second,the hot fix rhinestone setting machine work reasonable adjustment,the hot fix
machine process requirements on the reasons, adjustable range is relatively large, the same
combination of drilling and drilling, you can use a lot of different adjustment methods. And
these methods are often focused, and some focus on quality, and some focus on efficiency,
and some are more compromise adjustment, but also because the machine does not understand
and adjust the improper. Reasonable adjustment can extend the use of gas nozzle, reduce the
loss of ultrasonic transducer, hot fix effect can be a certain increase.
Finally is the maintenance of hot fix machine, always keep the hot fix machine in the best
condition, in order to ensure the need to work properly, the machine if the shelved for a
long time, in addition to drainage and exhaust, good lubrication, and do dust work , But
also regularly let the machine walk together, this can prevent some of the components on the
machine aging, rust, etc., to extend the service life of the machine.

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